Why Us?

Personalized study programs

EEF offers you a complete study experience, including free-time activities, excursions, and comprehensive travel services. We help you with every detail from arranging your requested accommodation and meals to flights, visa assistance, airport transfers and medical insurance. That way you can just focus on learning and enjoying your course.

Guaranteed language learning system

Our EEF Learning System is widely known to be the most effective way to learn. You are guaranteed to learn more, faster with our expert teachers, the latest language-learning technology, and interaction with the local culture. Plus, EEF will help you prepare for and take official language proficiency exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE.

International community & network

Only with EEF will you be assured of studying English with Real-Time exposure. You'll come together from big cities and small villages and represent many customs and cultures. But one thing you will share is your new common language and discovering a new country.

Learn more, faster

EEF has revolutionized the way to learn a language abroad. Make guaranteed progress by combining a personalized study program with our total immersion teaching method and internship with Real-Time exposure in enhancing communication skill.

Innovative method, proven results. Your class-time abroad, led by inspired teachers, is combined with technologically-enhanced lessons in classrooms, then reinforced with speaking practice in real world situations.

It's a fact: you make faster progress when you're absorbing the language in various ways, around the clock.

Make guaranteed progress

You will learn faster on your EEF course, guaranteed, so count on taking home an impressive portfolio, documenting the proof of your achievements.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our Learning System, that we actually guarantee your progress.

Our excellent teachers are committed to your learning, so all you have to do is attend all of your classes, do all the assignments and we guarantee you will advance one course level every 4 weeks.