Intensive English Programme (IEP)

The English Edu-First Intensive English Course consists of nine instructional levels, each of which requires four weeks to complete. The beginning level is designated Level 1, and the highest level is Level 9. Levels 1-2 are the Elementary levels, 3-4 are pre-intermediate levels, 4-6 the Intermediate levels, and 7-9 the Advanced levels.

Elementary Levels (Level 101-102)

  • Personal connection between teachers and students
  • Understand a variety of simplified articles and stories
  • Guess the meaning of basic vocabulary from written context
  • Students are exposed to basic grammar structures
  • Communicate ideas in a simple paragraph with revisions

Pre-Intermediate Levels (Level 103-104)

  • Students are tested on their ability to use structures and functions in realistic contexts and their ability to use language to carry out specific communicative skills
  • Students will master more sophisticated grammatical forms

Intermediate Levels (Level 104-106)

  • Understand near authentic readings on a variety topics with some difficulty
  • Communicate most ideas clearly in writing on a variety of familiar topics
  • Effectively write a multiple-paragraph essay
  • Students become communicatively competent
  • Students become more proficient and confident in their skills

Upper-Intermediate Levels (Level 107-108)

  • Students become increasingly aware of intonation, polite versus formal English and English for general communication
  • There is a sense of creativity with the language as students work towards incorporating previously learned structures with new ideas

Advanced Level (Level 109)

  • Understand and summarize most readings targeted at native English speakers
  • Understand lectures on familiar topics with little difficulty and take notes
  • Communicate ideas clearly in writing on a variety of social, professional, and academic topics
  • Students can successfully write a brief business report
  • Are ready to enter colleges/ universities, many of which accept Intensive Level 109 completion in place of a standardized test of English proficiency such as IELTS or TOEFL
  • Students are exposed to real life scenarios rather than grammatical exercises and focus on the students’ ability to both understand and communicate proficiently
  • Students will be able to speak with intonation, rates of speech, nuance and vocabulary to colour a conversation
  • Advanced learners can comfortably use English at work or school