IELTS Programme

  • Students are exposed to actual IELTS tasks
  • Taught by qualified and experienced IELTS teachers

The descriptions below indicate how English Edu First Language Centre follow a communicative approach within each course in the programme:


  • This class incorporates listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar to give students opportunities to practice language in meaningful situations. The focus is on using the language rather than memorizing rules


  • The purpose of this class is to build fluency. In conversation, students have the opportunity to talk about many different subjects and learn a great deal of vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on exploring the “functions” of the English language


  • This class focuses on improving reading comprehension and reading speed while practicing skills such as skimming, scanning, drawing inferences and conclusions, and summarizing an article. A variety of writing tasks, often tied to the readings, helps students practise and reinforce skills learned in the Grammar class